The Walkmen at History, Toronto 2023

Bio photographing the killroom


Self Portrait 2022 - Atria

Sandra is an honor graduate of Seneca's Independent Music Production course. Her experience includes working as the marketing manager for a techno label based out of Portugal, Naked Lunch Records. 

Eventually, it led her to curating a podcast and branching off into artist management, bookings, and international event production since 2011.

She's worked as stage manager and social media managemer with Indie Week.

Currently, she works at Bandzoogle, she co-manage e the desert punk called Black Budget
She is the co-creator of the online underground zine Critical Zero.

Her designs are known capturing the emotions of her subjects and focus on storytelling through visual representation. 

Specialization in psychedelic and ethereal art.  She's shot bands like Bad Nerves, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Bobby Lees, Conan, Aawks, Black Budget, Tiger Sex, The Walkemen and more.

Teenage Bottlerocket at The Horseshoe Tavern 2023


Capturing the energy and emotion of the room from in-depth black and white shots to vibrant psychedelic colours, photography is broad and dynamic. The main photographer for Critical Zero, focused on capturing special moments in music history.  Click the photo to see her portfolio of live and press shot above.  Bands include Tiger Sex, Black Budget, Aawks, Sunlust, Conan, Lucid Smog Disorder, The Bobby Lees at venues like Sneaky Dees, Bovine Sex Club, Monarch and The Killroom.

Her love and passion began with photography in the electronic music scene as she did photographed her shows to help promote label nights. Only able to with a bridge camera and an F4 lens the editing with photoshop was important. Later during the lockdown of 2020 she was donated her first DLR 40D canon camera, she studied and experiment with light to learn to capture moments in low light situation.  The versatility allows her to work with flash and ambient dark lighting to create mood and capture energy with flash. 

Bad Nerves, Queens Theater Toronto  2023


Hot Garbage  2023


NXNE, Toronto Ontario 2023


Critical Zero is an "Alternative music media focused on community. Based in Toronto; inspiration gathered from around the globe. ” 

It was established in 2021 after the lockdown by Pedro Alvarado and Sandra Byars. Following their graduation from Seneca College’s Independent Music Production course, they aimed to apply their newfound skills to bolster the Toronto alternative music scene.

Inspired by the early 90s alternative music movement in Toronto, Canada, their objective was to cultivate a community dedicated to supporting the alternative music scene comprehensively, encompassing production, creation, design, and music business. Their aim was not only to spotlight individuals within the music industry but also to establish a platform for learning.

With this vision in mind, Critical Zero initially ventured into photography and the creation of show reviews, playlists, and the promotion of local bands and events at punk shows in the area. Over time, this expanded to encompass more content creation, including video segments with interviews, live broadcasts, YouTube videos, reels, and TikToks, all centered around the Toronto alternative music scene like punk, indie, grunge, rock and international artists they believed would resonate with the Toronto music scene.  

In 2022, Critical Zero successfully organized its first all-ages events, featuring local punk bands, designers, and artists. The primary objective was to create a safe space for young individuals to connect with local bands and businesses, facilitating networking and strengthening the music community in a post-pandemic era. 

Sex Fixx, Our Wicked Lady NYC, 2023


Baby G Avro 2023, Toronto Ontario