Live Shots

chasing the energy

Capturing the energy and emotion of the room, from in-depth black and white shots to vibrant psychedelic colors, photography is broad and dynamic.

Her love and passion for photography began in the electronic music scene, where she photographed her label's nights to help promote Naked Lunch Records in Portugal. Armed only with a standard bridge camera without flash, she mastered her work in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

In 2020, she received her first DSLR 40D Canon camera as a donation. She studied and experimented with light, learning to manipulate it in low-light situations. The versatility of the camera allows her to work with flash and ambient dark lighting to create mood and capture energy in both flash and non-flash photography.

This led her to co-create Critical Zero alongside her partner Pedro Alvarado of Black Budge in 2021, providing an outlet to practice media, photography, writing, and art, all in support of the Toronto music scene and the music she is passionate about.

Currently her studies in UX Design has helped with composition adding a whole new layer to her art.

Bands photographed include Tiger Sex, Black Budget, Aawks, Sunlust, Conan, The Walkmen, Bad Nerves, Death Lens, Teen Mortgage, The Bobby Lees at venues like Sneaky Dees, Bovine Sex Club, History, The Garrison,  Queen Elizabeth Theater and Lee's Palace.